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FIFA 2000

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Brace yourself for a soccer game that brings all of the wild fun of soccer home on your Game Boy Color! FIFA 2000 is a fully-licensed soccer game that has more than 60 teams from around the world with updated rosters appropriate to the 2000 season. You can choose to play one of five different gameplay modes. Exhibition mode is a quick game where you set the teams and the rules then hit the field. In Tournament mode, you'll square off against an assortment of other teams to see who can take home the final victory. Playoff mode has you playing the final teeth-to-the-grindstone matches where every victory counts. In League mode, you'll play through a full season that culminates in the playoffs to see who is the greatest. Finally, Indoor mode takes the game inside and changes up the rules a little bit, resulting in a fast-paced version of the original. Options available for every mode include weather settings, foul settings, wind, and more. You can also use the password to save all of your stats in League and Tournament modes.

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